[Diakonia] (accent in last 'i'):ministration, devotion in concrete mission (from [egkono] - I serve with eagerness).
[Diakonia] (accent in last 'a'):mendicity.
[Diakonos] or [diakos] :the more inferior degree of clergy in the orthodoxe church. In commune monasteries they assigned him the mendicity for essential to live, money and supplies.
This way "diakonia" (ministration) became 'diakonia" (mendicity) and a lot of poor people followed their example. The people called them all [diakoniarides] and gave them the most  precious things they  had then, such as clothes, bread and olive oil, so that they and  their children can live. For this reason they always carried the characteristic little tank so that the housewife could throw olive oil into it.
This gold from nature, with the priceless benefactions for life and health, is gathered today with love and respect and it is offered to those, who can appreciate its value.


Our final product, which we made with the labour and the good taste of an amateur from beginning to end.