Love for our home and paternal property, cultivating land and protecting the environment have made us, after many trips and meetings with other people and civilizations, come back to our 'Ithaca'.

καμάρα παλιά
Ξεκούραση μεσημέρι στα σύκα
The cottage of Stathakis brothers in Rinia. An old photo. A break from work. Summer, afternoon, 20 years ago.

By encouraging one another we started biological agriculture, a few years ago, looking for a better state of living and hoping to motivate others to follow our example.

Νίκος Σταματάκος, παγίδες Λιομάζεμα
Nick Stamatakos controls dakos traps (disease affecting olive-trees) Olive harvest in a Sunny day in winter.

We simply want to show you, through these pages, the beauty of agricultural life in our country and the quality of our products.